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Tracing one’s roots in the Himalayas

How far would you travel to find your roots? Taking your limits to the extreme, Preserving culture in the Himalayas in the footprints of Csoma De Korös: Volunteering above the clouds, is an exhibition that is all about finding that one pointer which holds the key to the rich legacy of the past.

In commemoration of the 170th anniversary of Alexander Csoma De Korös’ death, the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre along with the Csoma’s Room Foundation [CsRF] have organised the exhibition.  It showcases an  exploration of the Tibetan civilisation and CsRF’s volunteering activities in Ladakh.

Korös, a traveling scholar and a writer of the first English-Tibetan dictionary, had traveled extensively from Transylvania to India to find the roots and origins of the Hungarian people.  

In the exhibition, one can see photographs of constructions, personal accounts, short films, a movie installation, wall photos, Tibetan traditional dresses, drawings by young children.

There is an interactive table game inviting participants to play.

At the entry, there is a replica of the entrance at the Gompa’s room [a Buddhist meditation room] remade in wood. The original carvings could be found in the lintel of the Gompa’s room in Zangla, Ladakh, where Korös stayed.

CsRF, a Hungary-based NGO, is all about preserving culture and saving the medieval Zangla palace in Ladakh, where it brought many volunteers  to help local builders preserve  the cultural heritage of the region. The exhibition explores Ladakh and brings  forth the beautiful landscape of the Tibetan culture in Himalayas.


At: The Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre,1/A Janpath
On Till: 30 September
Timings: 10 am to 4 pm
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