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Tracing art through a century

Tracing art through a century
From works of M K Parandekar (born in 1877) to that of 1978-born Devdatta Padekar, is a span of a century. It is also a period of varied art styles and genres. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Gallerie Ganesha is putting together a group exhibition that will showcase this.

The show will exhibit works of 30 artists ranging from veterans like M K Parandekar, Gopal Ghose and Jamini Roy to the youngest like Devdatta Padekar and Avijit Dutta.

Shobha Bhatia, Director, Gallerie Ganesha, “The many styles and varied artists who have been a part of the gallery’s journey are showcased based broadly on their styles and genres. We are showing works of old masters, modernists and contemporary artists. There is also a section allocated to tribal and folk art which has been an intrinsic part of our journey with many exhibitions dedicated to keeping the folk tradition alive. As we have consistently followed our objective of promoting and nurturing young talent as well as bringing old, unsung masters into the limelight, there will be works by such artists also.”

M.K Parandekar, born in 1877, was famous for his landscape paintings and had mastered both the oil and watercolour medium and excelled in portraitures and figurative drawings too.

Gopal Ghose was born in Calcutta in 1913. He reworked the genre of landscape painting, investing it with expressionistic qualities. He travelled extensively within India to paint his landscapes.

K S Kulkarni drew his inspiration from the folk and primitive art be it Egyptian, Indian, Mexican, Incan etc. He could work entirely within the Indian tradition with as much ease and consummate skill as he could adapt the mores of some of the Western Masters.

Shyamal Dutta Ray’s body of work constitutes a major turning point in the history of the Bengal school of art. His melancholic and pensive works reflect the contradictions of life around him.

He is also regarded as a master watercolourist. Most of Ray’s work reflects the city life of Calcutta, with its happiness and sorrow, struggle and strife, poverty and hope. The works also exhibit a sense of irony, surrealism and awareness of a disintegrating society.

Paresh Maity recent paintings are more bold and graphic, with a strong colour and unusual cropping.
Devdatta Padekar, born in 1978, aims to incorporate into his work are simplicity, subtlety and innocence. His work is figurative to a great extent and aims at depicting communication between man and nature. One can find a human figure and a natural element blending together in subtle colours to beautiful effect.

Avijit Dutta’s passion with the resurgent subject of timeless passage transcends through mediating eras. He is strongly rooted in the finest humanist tradition of the proper study, rarely visited by artists of our time. As an artist he addresses issues of contemporary significance, of purpose and import to our lives and times.

January 31 to February 1 Where: Gallerie Ganesha Booth (E-9) at India Art Fair 2015,  NSIC Grounds
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