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Toto driver assaulted by miscreants in S 24 Pgns

A Toto driver was badly beaten up by some local goons at Ghutiari Sherif of South 24 Parganas. The driver was admitted in a hospital with severe injuries. Some pedestrians, who tried to save the driver, also received injuries from the goons. Some goons while brandishing their guns even threatened the bystanders with dire consequences.

On Tuesday morning, Birat Mondal, a local toto driver, who was plying his vehicle through the road from Jibantala to Ghutiari Sherif College, stopped there after some college girls called him up. The girls took the battery driven vehicle there.

The goons then appeared there and tried to enter in the same toto with the girls. “Birat opposed by trying to restrain those goons from entering his vehicle. He sped the vehicle away from there,” said a police officer.

But later the goons caught the toto driver while he was returning from his previous journey. They pointed the gun at Mondal, and beat him there with an iron rod, the police informed.

Some local people and the bystanders tried to save Mondal from them, but they were beaten up and threatened at gun point. The goons then pushed the injured toto driver on the road, vandalised his vehicle and fled from there.

The police have started investigation. “These are local anti-socials. They were trying to tease the girls, while Mondal came in their way. They tried to enter in the same toto where those girls were sitting,” the officer added.

The anti socials were waiting for Mondal’s return and pounced on him when they saw him. “Mondal have identified some of the goons. He has helped our artists to make pictured of the goons. They will soon be behind bars,” said the police officer.
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