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Torn, distorted invalid notes found from Bankura

Police recovered torn and distorted invalid currency notes from Bankura’s Boroshol area on Friday morning.

Those currency notes were found in a sewerage drain. Local people found those notes in the drain. They called up a local police station.

“We recovered those notes from the drain. They were distorted and torn. Most of those notes were in Rs 1,000 denominations. We also found some old Rs 500 notes from there,” said a police officer.

The police said the amount could collectively be Rs 2-3 lakhs. “We’ve informed the matter to RBI Kolkata. Those distorted currency would be sent to RBI soon,” said the officer.

It will be recalled that distorted invalid currency notes were found in a Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) waste bin at Phoolbagan last Friday morning.

The local residents saw those notes and informed the police. The policemen recovered those notes from the waste bin. Most of those notes were old Rs 500 ones. Those notes were cut in pieces. Police could not found a single piece of intact note.

It should also be recalled that Kolkata police recovered a sac of old invalid currency notes at Golf Green area.

The incident took place a few days after declaration of demonetisation.

Police said that some local residents spotted the sack lying by the roadside, near a drain. The officers took those notes to RBI Kolkata.

“We were informed that in many such cases, where invalid distorted notes were found from roadside, in front of temple or even in front of banks. We are investigating the matter,” said an income tax officer.

Earlier, police recovered distorted old high value currency at North 24 Parganas’ Titagarh, and Rajarhat. Such notes were found in Nadia’s Krishnagar, Murshidabad and Malda as well.

In Titagarh though, all the dumped notes were of Rs 500. “We have counted it. They were 22 in number. All those notes were torn up,” said a police officer.

Several children playing near the drain discovered the packet filled with notes and informed their parents.

“Our children were playing here and suddenly they found the packet filled with torn notes. We immediately informed the police. 

The notes are not just hand torn but have been torn by sharp objects like scissors,” said an eyewitness.
Police recovered all the notes and sent for examination.

After the Centre’s decision to launch the demonetisation drive, recovering torn notes has become a 
regular deal.

Police recovered old high value currency notes in Nadia, Murshidabad, Malda and Siliguri earlier. Few people who were trying to transport those notes to another destination were arrested.

“We will discuss with the RBI Kolkata office about the incident and ask them what to do with those 
distorted notes,” a police officer had said.
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