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Tomorrow land comes to town!

Tomorrow land comes to town!
Millennium Post catches up with him on the eve of his performance at Shiro:

Tell us a bit about where you started? How did you decide to become a DJ?
Since I was a kid, I had an inclination towards music. Not being a studious guy, I had it in mind that I have to get into music production. I started playing House when I was 15 years and it was really big in Belgium then. Now I’m 31 years and my shows are getting bigger and I’m getting older..

Tell us about ‘make-it-or-break-it’ moments in your career.
Umm, well the make- it part would be setting my mind on becoming a DJ and achieving it..

How has the journey been so far and what next?

Lots of studio work. The remainder of this year and into next is looking very exciting for me. I have some amazing studio collaborations lined-up which I can’t wait to reveal.

How did Tomorrowland happen?
In 2007, I had just produced some house tracks and people were responding really well to my music… thus, that led me to being the resident DJ of Tomorrowland

Tell us about your Tomorrowland experience.
For every DJ or music artist, Tomorrowland is ‘The’ place to perform.. I was damn excited before my first show at the fest.. Playing at the mainstage of Tomorrowland is a dream coming true; the massive production, the atmosphere, and the crowd is just insane.

What plans ahead?
I’ll continue producing music and may also consider collaborations.
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