Tolly technicians to discuss overtime fees with producers

A sudden cease in the work of technicians of Tollygunge studios on Wednesday came to an end after they agreed to discuss their demands with the producers. The technicians of the Tollygunge cine studios will now meet with the produces with their long standing demand of getting overtime fees while shooting if the normal duty hours come to an end. The meeting has been scheduled on July 19. The demand of technicians over the overtime fees is not new. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, had earlier, successfully resolved this problem. This time too, the CM has instructed the leaders of protecting technician’s federation to start work immediately and participate in discussion to resolve the problem.

“We had a treaty with producers that overtime fees have to be delivered if a technician worked for over 10 hours. But the production manager and assistant managers are not getting this facility. We have requested the producers to mull over this matter,” said Saileswar Chatterjee, the president of the production manager guild, Tollygunge studios.

On the other hand, the producers have denied any such treaty saying the agreement was only to carry out production, but no overtime has been mentioned there. “We do not know about such a treaty. We generally assign them on the basis of production. They have suddenly stopped work demanding overtime, which is certainly not accepted. They should not stop the production,” said Ashok Dhanuka, a senior producer in Tollywood. “As per the CM’s instruction, work will resume from Thursday,” said Swarup Biswas, one of the leaders of technician’s federation.


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