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TMC raises growing religious fundamentalism in House

Mentioning the urgent need for curbing religious fundamentalism, the leader of the party in Rajya Sabha, Derek O’Brien said, “this has been a dangerous situation over the last one week, the last few days, the last few months and months; two years in fact.”

Speaking during the Zero Hour, the senior TMC leader said that, “the first time it happens; we can call it a mistake. Second time it happens, we can call it a bigger mistake. Third time it happens, we can call it a blunder, but if it happens time and again, I have to say Sir, it is a decision.”

“This is not the country we are used to living in. I have said this once and will keep saying again that the smaller you are in this country, the smaller your caste, the smaller the minority, the more oppressed you are, the more this country gives you the opportunity to express,” he added.

Accusing the BJP-led NDA government on the current situation, the TMC leader said, “This is a decision of this Government, Sir. Otherwise, the Defense Minister of the country would not have said what he said yesterday. The Dalits are suffering; so many of us went and saw what happened there. 
Sir, for just 15 rupees people are killed, just because they are Dalits. In Haryana, Sir, people are being forced to eat cow dung. There are people dying in different parts of the country, Sir. This is not just an aberration; this is a decision of this government.”

“I am a gau sevak, we are all gau sevaks but in the name of gau sevaks don’t cross the line and become gau rakshaks, Sir,” he mentioned.

In Lok Sabha also, leader of the party, Sudip Bandyopadhyay urged the NDA government at the Centre to deal with the people with harshly as per the laws, who are carrying out violence in the name of gau raksha.

“Indians are firm believers of secularism and communal harmony. We are also believers that unity and diversity should be our integral national philosophy. But of late we are witnessing that Dalits and Muslims are being tortured in different places of the country,” he said in Lok Sabha on Monday. 

Bandyopadhyay also stated, “Only by giving advertisements in different newspapers government’s success cannot be projected. The government must demonstrate that it is serious about maintenance of secularism and communal harmony in the country.”

As in the past two years many incidents and provoking statements have emerged across the nation, where the opposition parties are claiming the right-wing organisations as responsible. From Dadri to Una, they allege the incumbent BJP party for imposing “Hindutva” in the name of the Uniform 
Civil Code.
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