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TMC leaders meet Chief Electoral Officer

 MPost |  2016-03-06 22:01:47.0  |  Kolkata

TMC leaders meet Chief Electoral Officer

Senior Trinamool Congress leaders Mukul Roy, Subrata Bakshi on Saturday met the Chief Electoral Officer Sunil Gupta telling him that the way the polls were scheduled might have created some inconveniences for the voters and political parties as well.

After convening a meeting with the CEO on Saturday, Roy said that they only raised a point with the commission as they feel that the timing and schedule might cause some inconvenience to the voters. He also said that they had no complaint with the commission. It is the prerogative of the Election Commission (EC) on how to conduct the election.

“We have expressed our views on the election schedules. We have requested the commission to let us know about the polling timing. It is up to EC what it will do in regard to the election procedure.”

Roy is hopeful that Trinamool Congress will retain power with 2/3 majority. Roy told the media that his party will win the election with an overwhelming majority venturing on the development works carried out by the Trinamool Congress government in the past four and half years.

On the other hand a team of CPI(M) leaders headed by Robin Deb also met with the CEO at his office urging him to ensure free and fair election. He also urged the commission to take steps so that their party supporters can cast their vote without any fear. He also claimed that in many areas their party supporters were driven out of their home for a long time. There had been incidents of political violence in various districts, Deb said.

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