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When literature bleeds out of real life experiences, the story gets a depth of its own. Perhaps this is the best description for Anita Kumar’s Turning the Page. Launched by renowned photojournalist Raghu Rai, Turning the Page got quite a reception by guests at the event.
At the launch event were seen prominent people from the social circuit including Ajay Bijli, Ajay Mago, Kalyani Chawla, Jatin Kochar, Rohit Gandhi, Vikram Bhaidyanath, Amol Vadhera, Ashish Saraf and other dignitaries.  
Kumar’s first book records her journey into despair and her refuge in scepticism and darkness before providence propels her to a life-altering meeting with her Guruji. As she surrenders to him, he restores her to life once again, healing her soul and body miraculously.
She describes her book by saying: ‘Turning the Page is but a paragraph of my personal experiences after moving to India, being struck with ill-health, meeting my Guru and my struggles post-divorce. This book is about moving from a place of negligible faith to positive surrender that transformed my internal and external landscape.’
A well-established calligrapher and painter, Anita’s inspirational journey has touched many lives steeped in darkness, only to help them find themselves.  
Talking about Kumar’s journey, Raghu Rai observed, ‘Turning the Page presents the life of countless individuals. Anita’s long journey has been intense and devastatingly painful. But she describes those tumultuous years in an understated manner with detached closeness. She does so with self-awareness and selfless magnitude.’
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