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Time for some taali pe gaali

First, if you are going to remake a movie, do us a favour: Don't insult it (though the last 1983 version was not exactly our drem come true either!). And second, dear Sajid Khan, there is a limit to how much torture you expect the audience to live through. Himmatwala in its 2013 avatar is painful and insufferable. And it hurts the eye.

This version, as the original one did, revolves around Ravi (Devgn) who returns to his village to avenge the death of his father and save his mother (Zarina Wahab) and sister (Leena Jumani) from the clutches of evil zamindar Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his side-kick and brother-in-law Narayandas (Paresh Rawal). Phew! He also conveneintly falls in love with the zamindar's daughter Rekha (Tamannaah).

The director has made no changes to the original story line thankfully, for really we neither have the time nor the patience to deal with twists to such a cliched plot. What he has done, however is – has notched up and saturated the colour scheme to a ludicrous, retina hurting level. You pretty much want to whack the director hard.

The jokes are old, action sequences nothing we have not seen before. Am sorry, we prefer Devgn in Singham and we'd rather have the 'Ata majhi satakli' dialogue from him anyday. And, he cannot dance. We really wonder why the director was hell-bent on letting the actor make a fool of himself on 70 mm. But then with the recent spate of bad humour flicks that Devgn has done – he's perhaps used to it! Tamannaah just looks good. The only two actors we decently enjoyed on screen were Manjrekar and Rawal. Roll end credits!

No taalis, just gaalis.
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