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Time for kids to get ‘bugged’

Time for kids to get ‘bugged’
The internationally recognised brand Innovation First International, known for Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures, recently announced the launch of a popular family-focused product line of hi-tech robotic toys in the Indian market.

For this, the company joined forces with Anacra Merchandise Pvt. Ltd, a local company dedicated to introducing electronic toy brands into the Indian market.

Kicking off the partnership, the product line was launched at the 6th Toy Biz International 2012 at Pragati Maidan.

Unlike any other toy in the market, HEXBUG combines science and technology with kids’ love for bugs. Designed to foster creativity in children and to develop their fine-motor skills, Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures can be found on the shelves of toy shops throughout the country from August.

‘One of the most effective ways to address the situation is to make our high quality, safe and fun products at a compelling price,’ said Joseph Astroth, Executive Vice President, Innovation First International.

The cute, creepy-crawlies provide kids with a creative play experience, while encouraging them to think about the science of robotics.

‘They are the perfect combination of sound engineering and play,’ said Jitin Prashar, Director, Anacra Merchandise Pvt. Ltd.
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