Tiger inspires everyone: Bharadwaj

Tiger inspires everyone: Bharadwaj
Chief commando trainer Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj, who has trained actor Tiger Shroff for action in Baaghi, has heaped praise on the actor saying, he is the youngest star who inspires everyone.

Bharadwaj makes his acting debut in Tiger Shroff starrer Baaghi, slated to release on April 29. “Tiger is like my family now. What inspires me about him the most is his honesty and the dignity. Among the young generation, he is biggest thing that has happened to our country,” said Bharadwaj.

“He is the youngest star to inspire people. Tiger has maintained the purity and humility of ‘Kalaripayattu’ (a martial art form) in the film,” he said.

It was easy for Bharadwaj to train Tiger. “We (Tiger and I) share same values on and off screen. It is not about being easy or tough, it is about being what you are,” he added. Bharadwaj believes action in films and in general has changed. “In terms of action (in films and in general in real life) we have evolved (and) we have reached international standards.

Just flying in the air with the help of action doesn’t mean it’s action. It doesn’t impress me as a common man,” Bharadwaj said. He is keen to promote ‘Kalaripayattu’ through Baaghi. “I am associated with Baaghi because we need to promote our own art forms. The forte of Hollywood is commando and army forces, Chinese films shows martial arts form, Korean films is about Taekwondo. India being the pioneer...the mother of all the action in the world we need to show our art forms. “We have highest form of choreography like ‘Shivtandav’, ‘Rudratandav’ and others. When it comes to art forms like ‘Kalaripayattu’ we have not explored it. It was our responsibility to show it,” he added. Bharadwaj is hopeful that the audience will relate to action in Baaghi. “We have not used any weapons in the film. He (Tiger) is the weapon. He (Tiger) uses his body and hands, legs. We have spoken about the authenticity of art (Kalaripayattu),” he adds.

Bharadwaj has trained and mentored for some top action films and movie stars and top stunt men as well.

“Camera is nothing it is just a machine. There is nothing like easy or tough, I am a labourer and I will do what you ask me to do. I use my emotions (and) I don’t use my mind.


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