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Tie-ups with agencies, salons keep sex trade thriving in national Capital

With the change in time and demand of the customers, the business of brothels in Delhi has gone down. To continue the money trail, the brothels in GB Road in Central Delhi have reportedly tied up with several placement agencies dealing in human trafficking in the city, a senior officer in Crime Branch said.

These days, the sex workers who are often trafficked from different parts of the country and at times across the borders, are just a call away. The customers directly call the placement agencies, that hide in the garb of domestic help agencies, following which the agent arranges the girl as per the customer’s need. 

Not only several placement agencies but also various salons in the city are also indulged in these activities, a source said.

“As the risk of visiting a brothel has increased and the customers these days are more concerned about their status, so they have dropped the idea of visiting brothels. This has directly affected the business of the brothel owners who are trafficking girls on the pretext of providing jobs and later force them into prostitution. To continue their business, the owners who at present own several properties in posh colonies in the city, have tied-up with such placement agencies,”said a director of a Delhi-based NGO.

“According to the new trend, the brothels supply girls to these agencies who first make the girls stay with them for a few days and during this time, they give them proper training. Also, grooming session of these girls are done, as the customers are lured and charged extra based on the x-factor, such as Basic English speaking, make-up, short clothes, to name a few,” another NGO said adding that in this way the business of brothels is in still thriving.

A recent study conducted by one of the NGO in Delhi states that at present maximum number of visitors of the brothels belong to the lower class and of late a trend of first-time visitors going to GB Road has also been seen. These tourists are at times over-charged too.

With the recent arrest of the couple involved in the international human trafficking, several revelations have come to light and the tie-up of brothels with the agencies have also cropped up. Further investigation is underway, said a police officer.
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