Through her eyes

Through her eyes
After a worldwide presentation of her last photography exhibition and conferences in collaboration with the main international organisations, Niv Art Centre presents Before Our Own Eyes by Hanifa Alizada, an Afghan artiste .

Hanifa Alizada photographs and videos reflect her extraordinary journey between Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. Involuntary itinerary made of claims and struggles for the enhancement of her status, artiste, women, and educated. She questions through her art pieces a social system where standard is a conditioned priority, where any gap or diverging opinion is stigmatised if not suppressed.

The result is powerful and accessible photographies, as a positive universal language that we invite you to discover trough the exhibition. Hanifa Alizada belongs to a new generation of women, challenging traditional sexual roles and insisting on their right to live and express themselves independently.

She also teaches photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kabul University.

On till April 12
Timing: 10am – 7pm
Where: NIV Art Centre


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