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Three killed in road mishaps in state

Three people died and three others were injured in two different accidents in the state on Monday.

Satyajit Malakar and Gopal Mullick, who were riding on a motorbike, died immediately after an accident on Badshahi Road near Thar village of Murshidabad district. A heavy truck coming from behind hit the bike and Malakar and Mullick – both employees of different private companies – were left lying in a pool of blood as their heads lay smashed on the road.

Police recovered the bodies and sent them for autopsy. Meanwhile, the killer vehicle is still at large and police initiated a case.

In another case, Tapan Dutta, an administrative officer at South 24 Parganas died in an accident at Canning on Monday. He was travelling by an auto rickshaw, along with his wife and two daughters when the auto lost control and turned turtle on the road.

Dutta died on the spot, but his family survived and were taken to nearby hospital. Police said that poor weather conditions led to the accident. The auto was being driven while it was raining heavily in the area.

It may be remembered that a girl died a few days in a case of reckless driving in Canning late at night ago, while her friends were admitted to the hospital with critical injuries.

The police are trying their best to promote the state government’s ‘Safe drive, Save live’ campaign across the state.

The state police have also started a strict mission against rash driving and helmet-less bikers. Police officers are keeping strict vigil on all roads to check rash driving on the highways in the state.

“Sometimes, the campaign seems to be in vain as the youth still flout the traffic norms. From time to time, we penalise the traffic offenders to curb this,” said a traffic police officer.
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