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Three chairs and some jazz

Three chairs  and some jazz
Tres Butacas is a musical band which creates compositions from jazz and Colombian folk music, bolero, Brazilian music and traditional Jazz.

The band (brought to the festival by the Embassy of Colombia) comprises of three musicians - Camilo Vasquez is the music director, guitarist, sound composer and engineer; Pedro Acosta is the Drummer and Kike Harker is on the Bass. We spoke to Acosta for a better insight. Read on...

Tell us about yourselves. How did you guys come together/start off ?
We are musicians from Bogotá, Colombia that started playing 10 or more years ago in different local bands. All of us met in different musical situations in different times , but it was Camilo Vásquez our musical director who called us one day in 2010 to form a trio and record his music.

What was the first big break for you guys?

We played in Jazz Al Parque, a local festival in Bogota, in front of 2000+ people back in 2011. Great experience.

How would you define your musical philosophy?
Know your roots ( Colombian folk music ) and give a new prespective to improvisation to jazz made in Colombia.

In your country, how easy (or difficult) is it to make a mark in the music scene? What do you think about the main issues are?

It's difficult. There are thousands of good musicians and not many places/opportunities to play.

Tell us a bit about your music, what do you think defines you guys?

Good written music played with heart and soul to the enjoyment of the audience.

What/Who inspires you?
Mostly jazz acts ( Miles Davis, Coltrane, Pat Metheney, etc. ) but also our roots music ( Pasillo, Currulao, Joropo, Vallenato ) and the artist who perform this music.

Tell us about your best tracks
Porro Bumangues: a song about a very beautiful and dear city in Colombia, full of parks, nice weather and beautiful people. We play it in a Colombian rhythm called Porro.
Rio Cali: another song about a city in Colombia named Cali, and this time we play this classic Pasillo with a modern outlook.
Quantum: a Latin jazz piece with flavors from both coasts of Colombia.

What songs top your playlist right now?
Pajarillos De Popocho a very fast and tricky piece with the rhythms of eastern Colombia and Venezuela.

What suggestions/advice would you have for newbies in music?
Explore new music every day. Hear sounds from all over the world and keep an open mind for whats out there.

How has Delhi been for you guys?

First time visit. We are looking forward to be amazed by India and its vast cultural heritage.
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