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Three cases of acid attack in state leaves two dead, one injured

Three incidents of acid attacks in the state claimed the lives of two women while one was critically injured. The women, one in Hooghly’s Tarakeswar and another in Nadia’s Tehatta succumbed to their injuries, while an acid victim is battling for her life in Burdwan’s Kalna. However, the Supreme Court of India, has already instructed the state governments to take adequate measures against acid attacks.

As per the information given by West Bengal police, the woman in Tehatta, who was attacked with acid on her face and body by some miscreants, was earlier a rape victim. The deaf and dumb woman was allegedly raped a month ago by a local youth and lodged a complaint with the police station. The family of the victim alleged that the accused youth may have mentored the attack on Saturday night.

In Tarakeswar, the assailant did not even spare the son of the victim, as both the mother and son were admitted to the Bangur hospital at Kolkata, but the mother succumbed to her injury on Sunday morning.

At Burdwan’s Kalna on Wednesday, the attackers threw an acid-bulb on the face of a sleeping woman causing severe injuries on her face and eyes.

The Hooghly district police have started investigation of the acid attack incident at Tarakeswar.
The deaf and dumb victim in Tehatta, who died in the hospital, was attacked by her lover on July 25. The woman was sleeping but she suddenly woke up with the sound of knocking door. Someone from the outside was banging on the door pretending to be a person asking for help. She opened the door and with a sudden thud she fell on the floor. Her lover Noor, threw acid at her from a bottle, and has gone at large. “The accused Noor, against whom we have received complaint, had offered her a one-night-stand, which she refused,” a police officer said.

The Nadia district police, however, could not able to trace those accused, hurled acid in the face of the woman. The woman, a rape victim had filed a case against the rapist at the police station. Since then, the deaf and dumb victim had been threatened by the accused and his friends. On Saturday night, the woman was mopping the floor, when the acid was thrown on her face and body from the open window. “We have learnt that the accused youth, who once allegedly raped the woman, had fled. He has strong connection with the case,” the police officer said.

The woman in Kalna’s Nischindapur area, had also refused indecent proposals from four youth and threatened to take them to the police station. The youth then fled the spot, but came back on Wednesday and poured acid on her face. The woman was taken to the Kalna Sub divisional hospital. 

The doctors tried hard to save her eye sight, but all their effort went in vain. In her statement, the woman said to the police that, her husband is a daily wager, who did not live with her. The youth had used indecent words to propose to her for a one-night-stand. She refused it and threatened to complain to the police. This was an act of revenge.

As per the direction of apex court, the state governments has to ensure that some necessary steps are taken towards the acid trade across the country. The shop owners have to maintain a log-book or register before selling a bottle of acid. Most of the acid, which have been selling in the raw market, are used as toilet cleaner. The rush of buyers for taking acid as toilet cleaner is heavy, as the shop-owners do not abide by the instruction given by the police to maintain log-book. 

In a circular issued by the West Bengal government on November 30 of last year, it was clearly instructed to show identity card before buying the acid. The deputy commissioners of Kolkata police and other commissionerate and sub divisional officer of the district police have been instructed to check those log-books after every 15 days. The shop owners will liable to give Rs 50,000 fine, if they break any rule.
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