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Three artists showcase Kerala

Myths, folklore, everyday life, flora, fauna and people of Kerala have been depicted in paintings, murals and drawings by three artists from the state who are showcasing their works here.

Works by artists – Murali Nagapuzha, Sajeev Visweshwaran and Suresh Muthukulam – who follow different styles of painting have been brought here by Bangalore-based Gallery Dravidam in a show titled Following Parasurama - native memories.

Murali Nagapuzha, a self taught artist has created picture postcard views capturing the lush green landscape of Kerala.

Profuse with variegated vegetation, the fauna of the land is broken only by guest appearances of children or wildlife.

“Murali has been quoted as saying that his work is a collage of his childhood memories, his imagination, a collection of photographs and even his dreams. Indeed, stepping into Murali's world is a journey through a magical wonderland,” the gallery said in a statement about the exhibition.

Sajeev Visweshwaran, a Baroda based artist who has adopted drawing as his visual narrative, has in a series of black and white drawings brought familiar home scenes of his native village and home in Kerala in minimalistic, fine, unbroken lines conveying an obvious longing for memories of another day.

“Visweshwaran who worked as a printmaker and also explores new ways of creating installations with his drawings has been a part of group and solo shows in India and abroad,” says the gallerists.
The third artist Suresh Muthukulam who trained in the Kerala mural tradition under Guru Mammiyoor Krishnakutty Nair, merges myth with everyday images from the coastal state.

“Muthukulam's works reflect the rare talent of being able to merge a training and background in the Kerala mural art tradition with a contemporary style which is unmistakably his signature style,” says Jaya Mani, owner, Dravidam Gallery.

Muthukulam's spectacular 70 foot mural is featured on one of the walls at the T 2 terminal of Mumbai's new international airport.

Gallery Dravidam organises an exhibition of South Indian artists every year.
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