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Thousands gather in Philadelphia to protest against Clinton

Thousands of people from various organisations, labour unions and groups have descended on this city to protest against the policies of Hillary Clinton, who will be officially nominated as her party’s presidential nominee during the Democratic National Convention beginning here.

The city police estimate between 35,000 and 50,000 protestors on the streets of Philadelphia on an average of each of the four-day convention, while anti-Clinton activists claim the number to be 100,000.

The group of protestors range from supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders who lost to Clinton during primaries, to labour unions and anti-war groups.

On Sunday, thousands of Sanders’ supporters marched through the streets of Philadelphia sweltering heat in the first major protests ahead of the convention from on Monday.

Displaying posters and banners “Bernie or Busts”, they chanted slogans like “Hillary for Prison” and “Lock her Up”, with the latter one being popular during the GOP convention in Cleveland. Another group describing itself as “Occupy DNC Convention July 2016” held a peaceful rally with the objective of swinging super delegates to Sanders. 
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