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This Millennium belongs to you

Dear Readers,

After much hype and hoopla, finally the common man was declared the hero of the past millennium. Without doubt, the new millennium will also belong to him, as ever more power will be concentrated in his hands and he will be the defining face of an increasingly democratic world. True heroism lies in ordinary people getting out of bed everyday and being ready to face yet again whatever life is waiting to throw at you.

Millennium Post, in its new avatar, is here to salute and celebrate the common man and this new millennium that he owns. We will strive everyday to prove that there is space for the small voice, even among the cacophony of much bigger voices. We will speak for the small man and show that he is an important, if not equal contributor, in India’s place on the global stage. Our motto is no half truths, and the full truth must include not only the glamour of the corridors of power, but the grit and grime of the smallest galli and mohalla, the struggle for survival not only in the hurly burly of politics but also in the jungles of Bastar and the blood, sweat and tears shed in the arid fields of rural India. The striving for success not only in the plush highrises of corporate India but also the insatiable hunger to excel and better one’s lot in each slum sprawl that surrounds them.

Each person, but especially so the unsung heroes, will carve out their space in the sun in the Indian summer that is flowering around us and we are there to chart his journey. His failures and triumphs will reflect our own. In this journey there is no looking back, no rancour, and no hesitation. Like the common man, we have no regret or fear that we are not part of the lucky sperm club, just unbounded confidence (perhaps a little misplaced, but we just cannot help ourselves), and an untamable eagerness to get ahead and make our mark and grab every opportunity with both hands. For the ordinary to strain towards the extraordinary. His story is as old as time but like the emerging India, also a new chapter that is full of promise.

We do not claim there will not be setbacks along the way. The failures may outweigh the successes, the small achievements may get overshadowed by much bigger disappointments. But we will not stop, we will not falter. We cannot, as the alternative is unthinkable. His saga and ours will mirror each other. That is the beauty of Indian democracy, each person will have his say, no matter how trivial, each man will have his moment, no matter how brief. Among the loudest of loud TV channels and the glossiest of glossy newspapers, we will try to carve out a niche for the small paper, for the quieter and perhaps slightly saner voice. We will provide an impartial  platform for all sides, while promoting all those who are working quietly and tirelessly to build the new India. We will not only blame and criticise, but praise and galvanise. We will celebrate all those who strain and strive and also those who thrive and prosper. In this age of bloggers and Twitterites, where the voice of the common man dominates like never before, we will not only join the game but try to beat them. We will prove this is not the end of an era for print journalism. Rather, it is the beginning of something new that will be defined by what we, and our readers and supporters, can learn and become together.

Durbar Ganguly
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