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They are like THIS only!

I have a problem with Gippi and all movies that make a mince meat of popular kids who are good at sports and studies and are 'hot'. And this review is going to be a confession of sorts, sorry haters.

There is nothing wrong with being popular or good at sports or smart and being hot. There is a world of difference in being 'hot' and being 'fit' which the people on the heavier end of the weight spectrum will not perceive. There is nothing wrong in being thin. And there's nothing right in being fat or being bad at studies and sports and in being regular. I will leave the boyfriend issue out because that is a whole new retarded level and the least of Gippi's problems. And dear Gippi, sometimes boyfriends make you more unpopular than popular. Live and learn.

This is not a rant of an ex-high-school-loser gaining ground after the whole ugly duckling phase. This is just a reality check. 14 -year-old Gurpreet Kaur (Riya Vij), you aren't half bad. Your mom (Divya Dutt) and brother dote on you and you have a great set of geeky friends. I don't get where the sarcasm comes from. Fine, your life sucks and you are fat and the whole school thinks you are a loser. But they aren't spewing venom – they are living with it and also ditching the cookies for an apple, sometimes. The hot-high-school-guy doesn't fall in love with you and you don't like the guys in your class – boohoo! Well, in case you did not notice, the hot guy doesn't fall in love with anyone and TWO guys from your class like you. You hate the popular pretty girl Shamira and have no clue about her life till she whacks you with it in the girls' washroom. Ever heard of friends-close-enemies closer? Well. You are 14, I do not expect you to understand this till you are 28 and probably still fat.

Prioritise, girl! Your dad is getting hitched again and your brother might be gay. Those seem like bigger problems than your strife for popularity. But yes, as they do in Dharma productions – up the floss and keep the tinsel shiny, we shall focus on teenage angst. Periods, first bras, waxing and school crushes. Ever considered that the popular girls go through this too? Sorry, you must be too busy hating. But there is still time. Ditch the angst, plenty of time for that in college. Lose a little weight, you'll just feel better and that does not automatically put you in the barbie camp. Everyone likes to look nice. Admit it. And oh yes, concentrate on your grades if not the sports trophies – no one likes a fat girl who achieves nothing.

And Karan Johar, these were your school days weren't they? A fun watch in-so-far you are willing to let go of the terribly American clichés. But sorry, I failed.

Yours sincerely, ex-school prefect, house captain and if we were in America – a potential cheerleader.
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