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Thesis and Antithesis

Thesis and Antithesis
A varied form with different strokes of hues is all aimed to set the canons of contemporary history with the amalgamation of paintings and sculptures as the show boasts of showcasing creativity by various mediums as well. 

The Gallery on MG is hosting a show titled  Thesis and Antithesis promoting 10 contemporary artists with their liberal thought process and candid work. Over the years, artists moved their visions beyond decorating houses and religious centers as they rather employed creativity to flaunt inner invasions. In philosophy, Thesis and  Antithesis are often combined into a synthesis that provides a new way of looking at the world, which gave birth to the show.

Artists exhibiting their work at The Gallery on MG are Apurv Singh, Ajay Narayan, Sunayna Malhotra, Santosh Verma, Sailesh Mohan Ojha, Sanjay Sen Gupta, Mrinmoy Barua, Meena Laisaram, Mohan Jangid, Renu Bariwal.

WHERE: The Gallery on MG
WHEN: 17 to 31 May, 11 am to 7 pm
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