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‘There’s no set pattern for perfect sex’

‘There’s no set pattern for perfect sex’
I’m a divorced female and I fail to understand why frustrated men always propose sex! Does being single mean available these days?
Name withheld, Muradabad

Ideally it shouldn’t be but most of the times ‘ideal’ situations don’t arise often enough. The society and its various animals act and react in a manner that shows their true nature. Be firm in your belief and don’t let these winds break you down. Let go of yourself and have fun their way only when you are ready. Be single and be happy in your world. Ignorance is bliss and use this till you don’t find the ‘right’ one.

I don’t like it when my husband is friendly or is flirting with any other woman. I’m not jealous but I get very uncomfortable. How can I change him?
Mrs. Patil, New Delhi

It isn’t possible to change anyone! Too much pressure will turn him sly and he might continue his traits behind your back. I suggest you to let go of the feelings that you are going through and trust your partner. Don’t restrict his movements but time and again exhibit your emotions. Don’t be pushy, but warm. Don’t react always. Space and trust will make situations healthy and peaceful. Don’t try to change anyone, it doesn’t work!

My mother still treats me like a little boy! She pampers me in public and embarrasses me in front of my friends! I’m 17 and it feels horrible.
Rajat, Faridabad

Make her sit down and explain to her what irritates you. If need be, route it through your father. Sometimes parents always think that we are children and treat us just like they used to when were actually kids. It is her love that she showers. Don’t be rude but act mature to handle this. You are atleast lucky to have loving parents. There are many who are deprived of this.

I’m getting married in January next year. I’m sleepless about my sex life. I’m virgin and have never been close to any man before.
Name withheld, Agra

Life will be beautiful, dear. Marriage is a joyride if both partners love and respect one another. There is enough material on the internet and great books available to educate you on sex. Don’t panic and be transparent with your partner. He will surely understand your fear and take it slow. Try and erase all fears and have a beautiful life ahead!

Is it true that younger men satisfy older women better? Just curious.
George, Noida

There is a tendency amongst younger men to get attracted to older women or older men with younger woman. Young men sure have the physical capacity to satisfy a woman and some woman love to be loved by younger ones. But sex is a spontaneous act and there is no such rule of an ideal age. The chemistry between partners is most important and I personally think, there’s no set formula for perfect sex.

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