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‘There will be a fun surprise at Nehru Park’

‘There will be a fun surprise at Nehru Park’
Ayaan and Amaan Ali Khan have carried the legacy of their forefathers with relative ease. The brothers are now all set to open the five-day festival Raag Rang which starts in the city today. Millennium Post caught up with the musicians from the  Senia Bangash School. Here are excerpts: 

What inspires your music?

Music is the interpretation of your life’s journey. Your experiences, the highs, the lows, everything is connected to what you deliver on stage. Your nature is the reflection of your music and likewise your music is the refection of who you are at that point of time in life! We draw inspiration from people, music, nature, humour, everything! It’s a way of life for us.

What kind of music do you listen to?

All kinds from pop to qawwali to Western classical music to jazz and of course Indian classical music!

How would you define your kind of music?

Traditional with a contemporary vibe. One doesn’t need to murder tradition to be contemporary. They can have a very musical coexistence!

What is in store for Delhittes at Raag Rang?

If we say it out, it won’t be surprise. There will a fun surprise element at the concert at Nehru Park. We will be presenting many pieces. It will be an interesting variety of various feels.

As a musician, who do you idolise?

Our father and guru and too many others to list along with him.

Two things you hate about yourself?

Amaan: I am too polite to people and my food habits.
Ayaan: I love myself!

If not a musician, what would you choose as a profession?

Amaan: A pilot
Ayaan: I think I would be in some creative field for sure.

What expectations do you have from Delhi at this festival?

Delhi today is a very powerful hub for all kinds of culture. Music is a very integral part for people in Delhi. It feels great to be a part of the celebrations.

What do you think of the present scenario of Indian classical music? 

Very much so. Today, the fact that classical music concerts happen in the scale at which they do itself is testimony to the fact that it is at its peak. Let’s not forget that this was a chamber music art form. People like our father made it a brand along with his contemporaries. Today, we are enjoying the fruits of their struggles.

What is the driving force all these years?

Well, sarod has been an integral part of our lives. Like we said, it’s a part of us. We will also sing at the concert which starts on 5 September.

What do you think of the future of qawwali and sarod in India?

Very bright! 

Has your musical lineage worked more to your advantage or disadvantage?

More advantages of course!

What would you say to your fans and also the young upcoming musicians?

Lage raho Munna Bhai!
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