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There should be no death penalties, says Ram Gopal Yadav

While Samajwadi Party(SP) had welcomed the hanging of Afzal Guru, its general secretary Ram Gopal Yadav is of the opinion that death penalties should be done away with.'As a student of political science, I believe that there should be no death penalty,but this is my personal view,' said Yadav.

The SP leader was of the opinion that at times death sentence can be given by  mistake and which can not be rectified later on, 'Often in trials mistakes get committed or new facts emerge later,but death penalties can never be undone in such cases,' he said. .

Citing history, Yadav said that Italian astronomer and philosopher Galileo had asserted that the earth revolves around the sun but at that time but at that time people thought it was a blasphemy and executed him. However, later it was  realised that Galileo was right.
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