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There is no getting away from Gadkari

Even as Nitin Gadkari tries to buy time from the income-tax authorities, his claims to being clean remain dubious. He may have been allowed to appear before the tax authorities to explain his transactions through the Purti Group of companies owned by him. He may claim that he has parted with the Group, but will the world at large not think that this is just an eye wash to cover up what he might or has been doing for years to fatten himself and appear as a charitable man?

But for the RSS, that is good enough. Their trusted man is not capable of doing anything wrong. Even if his claims are not credible, a loyal and an obedient servant of the Sangh deserves to be protected. ‘To hell with the moral code of simple living and high thinking’ might be the new

He deserves to remain the BJP president for three years to come and no one must stand in his way. The mantra could well be reversed. How could a leader survive in dhoti and kurta in the freezing cold of Delhi and do without central heating in offices and homes? It is not Nagpur, the backwaters of Vidharbha where farmer suicides are the norm and are beginning to raise their head again. But, so be it. Farmers have always lived with greedy money lenders, who have been robbing them of land, cash and crops and money lenders are an important part of political survival. They bell the cat. They oil the wheels of thinking of all kinds, self-contradictory as well as logical.

For the record, Gadkari’s lawyers have presented a 25-page explanation to the tax authorities and Gadkari will appear before them after he has been re-elected as the BJP president, the process for which has now started and is expected to be over immediately as no other contenders dare defy the RSS and oppose him.

Mahesh Jethmalani, the ebullient son of Ram Jethmalani, has tried to raise hackles by threatening to oppose Gadkari and present his nomination papers, but he knows that the odds are stacked against him.

Is Jethmalani just raising a debate that Gadkari does not have a divine right to get re-elected as party president? And that he seeks to present a token protest and may back off when the RSS uses the whiplash?

But Gadkari appears to be like the proverbial cat with nine lives and has been putting on more weight than ever before to drown his woes as well as worries. But he has been told by his mentors in the RSS to solder on and take all the slings and arrows in his stride. With time, he hopes that everything will pass. (IFS)
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