Their voice, their choice

Their voice, their choice
Experimentation is in, be it in creating music or listening. The underground music scene in the country is promoting and encouraging artistes to be what they dream of. The trends are coming from every nook and corner of the world, thanks to the internet. Latest technology is enabling artistes to create different sounds, which further add new elements to the their music. 

Packaging the classics in a new avatar is an another way to create a buzz. By amalgamating different genres, a new give genres is created and this is how the trends keep changing. 

The best place to check out latest music trends are the universities, where new bands are making crowds swoon to their music. Enabling aspiring artistes to showcase their talent and get appreciation for their work, a variety of genres are showcased in college festivals where aspiring musicians compete, perform and win the hearts of young listeners.

In the country, where exists a perennial tussle between different genre’s, it becomes quite a task for the young artistes to connect with the audiences with what they call ‘their kind of music’. 

In the college festivals of Delhi University and Indraprastha University, the preference for music varies with individuality. Many of the students do not listen to western music, going for Bollywood or Indian classical instead. 

“I love what Jivitva plays as I connect with their music, the words; the sound is incredible,” says Akanksha Thakur, a student of Trinity College, IP University.

Also, lyrics seem to be playing an important role when it comes to one’s preference for music. “What unites the different genres is language. Be it any genre, the preferred language for music is Hindi, as the crowd connects with the lyrics and then their cheering encourages the bands,” says Karan Bedi, of soft rock band Zephyr, from Dyal Singh College of Delhi University.

However, Bedi does believe that even though Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is gaining popularity, the rock bands are still effective in providing music according to the demands of college crowds. He adds that it is the guitar that attracts youngsters to take up music, eventually developing their inclination towards rock.

“What we play highly depends on the crowds as well, hence, we sometimes have to give up on our own preferences and play things that the youth can connect to,” says Dhruv Shah Chadda, the rhythm guitarist of Jivitva, a band from Trinity College of Indraprastha University, whose music ranges from punk rock, alternative rock and Bollywood with infusion of Sufi.

Rishibha Kumari

Rishibha Kumari

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