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Theatre Festival at IIT-Delhi: A different take

Theatre Festival at IIT-Delhi: A different take
But one wonders while watching these plays, how to join a theatre group while keeping a 9-to-5 job.

Keeping in mind the ‘desire’ of such professionals, Antraal Theatre was founded in 2007. Akbar, the director of the group says that the aim of the group is to train people in such a way that they become equipped and familiar with the different technical aspects of a theatre production. With a small group of people meeting every weekend for workshops and rehearsals, the group now has more than forty members.

With the NSS chapter of IIT-Delhi, the Antraal Theatre Festival was organised at IIT-Delhi on 4 and 5 January. Ek Kahani directed by Fahad Khan talked about love and how society and time changed the lives of Aarif and Naziya. The production tried to bring out the problems of adolescence and the youth who fell in love since their childhood. The second play of the first day, Jungli Jaanwar directed by Javed Sameer was based on the short story The Brute by Anton Chekhov, translated in Urdu by Bilquis Zafarul Hassan. The play too dealt with love, revenge and marriage. The festival ended with Udney Ko Aakash Chahiye directed by Akbar Quadric. The play narrated the story of two young men—Arvind and Manik. Two middle-class young men meeting at a tea shop discussing their aspirations, dreams and struggles brought out the dark realities of today’s time. The problems related to middle class, capitalism, corruption and politics were touched upon during the course of the play. The play efficiently brought out the failure and penury of the middle class to introspect within itself to transform the society.

The festival was well attended by students from IIT-Delhi, JNU and other institutions.
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