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The year gone by....

The year gone by....
Time flies and we sail through it. As we look back we find good, bad and not too ugly times capture our memory space. Each year ends with us maturing a bit more, learning some new lessons. As we prepare to rock the new year 2016 these are few things that require a revision. In our ever busy life schedule, we have to learn to prioritise.

Learning to value time:
More often than not we underestimate the value of the most important aspect of life: time. We waste time worrying about tomorrow. We waste time on people who do not value our existence. We have to learn to divide our day in a way where we learn to utilise time in the best possible way. Moments do not return, it has to be given its value.

Learning to value relationships: 
Sometimes we do not understand the importance of relationships while they last. Parents are a primary thread to our being. Let us truly understand their importance and be our best. Losing these relationships leave a permanent void which can never be filled up. Let us learn to show love to those faces that make our world.

Learning to lose: 
Winning is fun and learning to lose makes us stronger. Life will always throw us in situations where we need to rebuild our inner self with our confidence. It is never easy but not impossible too. Every champion faces every situation with the determination to strive again. Nothing in this world is permanent and every dark cloud will have its silver lining. Faith, belief and confidence are the tools that help us conquer situations.

Learning to say sorry: 
Ego is a small word that has the ability to destruct beyond imagination. Letting go of ego, learning to submit and say sorry is sometimes an achievement. Submission is not weakness. It is the sign of inner power and will.

Learning to smile: 
Smile is the best make up. It doesn’t matter how we look as every face looks the best when it can smile through any situation. Smiling is contagious and trust me, it is a gift not many are capable to gift. Smiles help us conquer miles.

As the year comes to an end, let us prepare our souls to achieve happiness not just for us but for all around. Happiness is happiest when shared. Learning to remain happy and taming the heart to fight any odd is an achievement in itself. Wish you a super happy year end and a happier 2016.

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