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The unsocial butterfly

The unsocial butterfly
I can’t interact with people hence I get secluded in social gatherings. I don’t know why but I can’t make friends. I’m 22, male and single.
Anand, New Delhi

In today’s time it is important to meet and socialize. I suggest, you start spending time with a small group of friends. Make it a point to participate in discussions. Initiate topics that interest you. Start interacting with strangers while travelling. Strangers are sometimes easier to talk to. Start with small talks and gradually weave longer conversations. Good Luck! There’s nothing to lose, just open up!

My uncle is always fighting with my grandfather, related to property matters. My father, on the  is a quiet soul and chooses to ignore. It is affecting me. I am 15 years old. Please help
Name unknown

Life gets complicated in such matters. If the senior members of the family cannot intervene and sort it out, I fear there’s not much you can do. To ensure your peace I suggest you should try to ignore. Ignorance is often bliss and will be beneficial to you. You cannot do much to change anything or anybody. Build your life for a better tomorrow. Don’t get involved as you cannot provide any solution.

My lover is a cheat as I have caught her with two men in the past. I love her deeply but she seems to continue her episodes with others. I’m feeling very depressed.
Bijay, West Bengal

When you know that she is continuing to explore why are you letting yourself get hurt? Some people probably remain unfaithful and changing personal traits are difficult. If you really want to feel less depressed, take a decision and move on. Your absence might help change her personality. Don’t get into messy affairs. Life is beautiful and enjoy the sunshine

I’m student of class XI and don’t know which career option to choose. I want to be a successful man. Please guide.
Tej, New Delhi

Most successful people I know always set their goals right. To understand your career option you have to focus on your strengths and evaluate your options. You can always seek advice from seniors of various field of study/ work depending on your passion towards a particular subject. But at the end of it all, you have to decide what you are willing to become and what you are capable of. You are your best judge.

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