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The truth in1000 shades of grey

The Delhi police finally announced what many had long thought, which was that Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar did not die as a result of suicide. In response to such a finding, the police registered a murder case against ‘unknown persons’. The final medical report by the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences stated that Sunanda was poisoned to death. Whether the poison was given orally or injected into her body is being investigated, according to Delhi police commissioner BS Bassi.

Despite the Delhi police’s desire to look the other way, the autopsy report by possibly the best team of forensic surgeons from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) from day one had cried hoarse about the death being unnatural. Moreover, there was evidence to suggest that pressure was constantly brought on the AIIMS team to give a ‘tailor-made’ report to help closure of the case. As reported by Millennium Post in its edition dated July 5, 2014, Shashi Tharoor worked overtime to make the death look natural. Among the 15 injuries the forensic team examined on Sunanda’s body, it found ‘injury number 10’ to be a mark caused by the needle of a syringe. Now the Delhi Police, getting wiser almost after a year, points to the possibility of poison being injected into Sunanda’s body.

Evidence pointing towards manipulation by the Delhi police could have been easily ascertained by the fact that the police were keen to present Sunanda’s death as a case of ‘overdose’ of sleeping pills. In hindsight, information could have been deliberately leaked to the media that two bottles of Alprax were discovered near the table, next to the bed on which Sunands’s body was found.

It is possible that the ‘sleeping pill overdose’ narrative was planted, since the police was not too keen on examining the circumstances of her death. Irrespective of the circumstances of her death, which will hopefully be ascertained by a Special Investigation Team set up the Delhi police, what is clear is that a conscience effort was made to close the case down. Whether or not bigger power brokers were behind her death will be soon determined. Maybe a regime change at the Centre might help us ascertain the truth. Unfortunately, that reflects terribly on our law enforcement agencies. Till then, let the law take its own course. At least we hope that remains the case.

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