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The Tale Of No Vacancy

The Tale Of  No Vacancy
Would like to come up with a problem of employment for the generation who are in their early 20s. At present what is the scenario of the market? It is really worrying. Your kind views would be welcome.

Surya, New Delhi

I completely understand your concern. But at the same time, I firmly believe that if the 'will' is strong enough, nobody can stop anybody from achieving anything! Finding a job is not impossible but finding a job that makes you feel right and good is a bit difficult. The job market scenario has never been a cake walk but if the determination is strong, soon you will find a job that will make you feel right. There are always opportunities that have to be reached out to. Wish you good luck.

Last week when our parents weren't home, I caught my sister in a compromising situation with our neighbour. When I asked her, she admitted of having an affair with him. I'm very confused whether or not to tell to my father. Please suggest?
Name unknown

You surely have the option to tell your father but that will hamper and strain your relationship with your sibling, may be forever. If I was you, I would have kept quiet (assuming she is old enough to indulge in a relationship). Sometimes acting dumb and being quiet helps us attain our mental peace. If someday you find that the situation needs parental intervention, please do convey it to them. Until then, live and let live for a peaceful living.

I am divorced. My parents are insisting for settlement but I really don't want to mess my life again. I will settle down only when I find the right guy. I'm 34. How do I tell my parents to stop worrying. What do you say?
Radhika, Agra

Getting remarried doesn't indicate 'mess'... Always! There are too many people around us who are happily settled after a bad fallout in their first chapter. But yes! It is most important to find the partner. Someone who will understand your mind and help you overcome the agony of the past. I strongly feel, there is always someone right for all of us. But probably to reach the right we have to overcome the wrong.

As parents they are not incorrect by expecting your happiness but get married only when YOU think you want to. The search for the soulmate is sometimes a difficult one but I wish you the very best and I'm sure, your Mr. Right will surely come around soon and fill your life with love.

I'm 28, the only son of my parents. I got married last year. Until now I haven't had a peaceful day since then. My wife and my parents don't seem to have anything in common! They are always breaking into ugly fights! I don't earn well enough to live separately and my wife is a housewife. What should I do?
Name unknown, Noida

This situation is always a tough one and your place is indeed very sensitive. Handle it with utmost care so that you don't hurt or break anyone's heart. The best way to mend this is to relocate to a place very close to your original home. The financial constraint might be solved if your better half gets involved in some job, tuition or small time business.

Three adults cannot be tutored to live peacefully and if you don't check the situation now, it might linger and take a bitter turn in near future. I wish you the best to keep your cool and look for a solution soon.

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