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The spiritual space

The spiritual space
After many years of creating for other, for the first time artist Rakesh Bal showcased his series of abstract paintings and murals at the Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre from December 2 till 6.The showcase commenced with a private preview for collectors and the media hosted by Rohit Bal, Rakesh’s illustrious brother, on December 1.

His series of work comprises of large oil on canvas paintings and abstract images juxtaposed and composed with geometrical forms in vibrant and muted colors vying for equal consideration. Creating spaces and depths usually with an illuminating core depict different forms of light, destination or goal.

Weaving the finesse and his mastery over technique, the visuals possess an almost hypnotic, trance-like ability, which allows the viewer to transcend lines, form and experience the blur that is spiritual. This is perhaps his most significant accomplishment.

Bal believes the abstract imagery is his personal search for enlightenment. Art is always more than the ornamental. Painting is meditation and Art is ultimately a statement of Being. What cannot be understand by Rational thought or expressed in words is instead set free on canvas. What emerges in this language of paints and shapes, with its own grammar, alphabet, nouns and verbs is a secret code, which no two people will decipher in exactly the same way.

Rakesh Bal studied art and architecture in Chandigarh before turning to his family business in 1973. Born in 1951, he was fortunate to experience the heady renaissance in creative art and music during the 1960’s and 70’s.

Painting has been his primary passion, a 'default' form of creative expression. He has painted intermittently from 1972 till now, selling his works to private collectors straight from the studio.

Family business commitments however kept him away from the luxury of pursuing his calling full-time. He instead turned to Architecture and Interior Design as a career.

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