The selfie obsession

The selfie obsession
Have you heard of the new selfie trend? Are you an active part of it? Well if you aren’t, you are probably lagging behind in being cool! Are you not the kind that stands almost everywhere to pout or pose to take a glamorous selfie, while the passerby looks bemused? Then you probably belong to the uncool and boring category of youngsters. There are others who beg to differ. While some think that it is only a way to flaunt oneself and check their beauty, others feel that it is just another passing fad.

“I have become self obsessed in this selfie era, maybe because I appreciate the way I look and also like to flaunt myself, but the obsession results in numerous selfies,” Says Aafreen Ahmed, a mass communication student. “I admire myself a lot, and love to get my photos clicked, but people get irritated if you ask them frequently to click your photographs. So I opt for selfies, with this advantage I do not have to approach others but can take endless number of photos!” says Ananya Banerjee, a law student.

“I am not too crazy about selfies, but yes, I feel that it is an important invention and can be used wisely when there isn’t anyone around to take a photograph,” says homemaker Nanda Sen. Many others have the same opinion on selfie and groupfie. “Girls are more into selfies than guys are, they often don’t take heed of their location and just start clicking photographs everywhere! Selfie has also become a trend, maybe out of necessity. Earlier we would ask others to take a photo for us, but now we can just pose and click our own photos,” says, Udit Nigam a 2nd year student of Journalism and Mass Communication department, Delhi Metropolitan Education.

There are cell phones with superior quality front cameras and there is also the new addition to feed the cause—a selfie stick, which enables one to get a good grip of the rod and take a safe selfie on a wide and well managed frame. 

“Trying to be different, the selfie clickers have become a crowd themselves. I like to be a part of a memory by being part of a photograph, but I am not obsessed with clicking my own photographs” says, Piyush Khanduri, a B.Com 2nd year student from Kamal Institute.

 “Taking selfie as such is not something unusual, but the obsessive form it is beginning to take these days is somewhat alarming. Sometimes people are so obsessed with getting a selfie they forget the time, place and situation and even attempt to smile and flaunt good looks in a morbid situation while clicking a selfie. This excessive narcissistic need of self exhibitionism may often come from a deep sense of inferiority”, says Jhuma Basak, professor and psychoanalyst.

Whether science is a boon or a bane has been debatable ever since human civilization, yet it has been proved, that science and technology when used wisely procure good results.

Lahari Basu

Lahari Basu

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