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The seen and unseen

The seen and unseen
A few tiny Harappan figures, a monumental Naga Deva, an 8th-century Uma-Maheshvara, an animal-headed anthropomorph and a marble tomb of a Mughal lady are among the artefacts being shown for the first time as part the exhibition.

Naman P Ahuja, curator of the show explores the complex understandings of the ‘ Body in Indian art through cultural artefacts such as sculptures, paintings, masks, jewellery, amulets, posters, video installations, music clips and two large textiles.

‘Around 20-25 per cent of the 300-odd artefacts in the exhibition have never been shown  before and another 60 per cent have seldom been seen before as they were lying in museums in small towns and were too fragile to be sent to Brussels’, Ahuja pointed out.

Equally fascinating are some tiny Harrapan figures that are on display here for the first time since they were excavated in 1933. A monumental Naga Deva-a 9th century sculpture, has been lent by the Bhopal Museum which has never been shown in a public exhibition before. The exhibition in Delhi also features some objects which did not go to Brussels. An 8th century Uma-Maheshvara, which has been on display in the Bhopal Museum but never in a public exhibition before, is one such instance.
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