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The see saw of emotions

The see saw of emotions

'In life we always encounter two kinds of people who can be categorised as the toad and the scorpion. The former are the ones who always lend a helping hand and the latter will act simply antagonistic. They will hurt you,' says playwright Bubbles Sabharwal.

It is on this parable of scorpion and toad that Bubbles' recent play See Saw is based on. The monologue, which will be staged on Sunday, is about the time when the world is coming to an end. A massive volcano has erupted and the toad and the scorpion are the only two creatures yet to reach the safety of the ocean. The toad offers to carry the scorpion to safety and once he does, he stings the toad, because that is his 'nature' .

Parallel to this runs two different stories. One of them deals with a young couple — Uday and Reshma — and the other is about two sisters, Rina and Malika. Both the stories are simultaneously enacted.

'The play is born from the womb of reality. The stories are analogous at the same level of mutual trust, faith, feelings and emotions. They connect to each other at heart because many things in life which look so dissimilar are similar to each other at its foundation level,' points out Bubbles.

'I wrote the first draft of the play seven years ago sitting in a restaurant and have re-done it several times to finalise the script. Over these years the characterisation has changed. I feel that things become more contemporary as time lapses,' she says.

Catch the see saw of relationships this weekend.

At: FIO Country Kitchen & Bar

When: Sunday, 8pm onwards

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