The seasonal love story

The seasonal love story
My room mate was sulking around the house. Switching the TV on and off and off again, muttering to self and then some more walking around. My wafer thin patience crumbled and I snapped, ‘What!??’ – ‘The next episode of True Blood Season 6 should be on now…I can’t see it…stupid Indian TV!’ – ‘Download it,’ I grumbled. They had stopped broadcasting True Blood after season 2.

Then, I realised that Supernatural was rushing through seasons 7 and 8 it almost breakneck speed, Pretty Little Liars is on season 2 as is Suits and Glee is limping on season 3, The Mindy Project is on season 1. Then of course there in Breaking Bad and Mad Men, One Tree Hill and Two Broke Girls. All in all, we are lagging behind and how.

Perhaps this is exactly why Torrents is every serial lover’s new best friend. Like it or not, one has to admit that because our television channels are lagging behind insanely on broadcasting shows like these, more and more people are getting used to downloading serial episodes online and keeping up with the rest of the world.

You cannot blame them, for any social networking site that hosts discussions or photographs of the current running season of a particular series, will invariably have spoilers galore for the Indian audience. That is, in all probabilities worse than giving away the end of a movie to someone. Movies are still more predictable than these serials.

For the want of a better example, take that weepy new age love story on Sony that I have forced myself to stop watching a good few years back – Bade Acche Lagte Hai on Sony. It was a the story of two middle aged protagonists who are forced into an arranged marriage. They aren’t young, or pretty or fresh from the gym. It was reasonably bearable – well, compared to other soaps on that channel.

As the love story was progressing through India, with a stint in Australia as well, there had to be the scheming mother-in-law of course and a pretty nasty sister-in-law, then a daughter (am not too sure where she came from) and all of a sudden then bump off the male protagonist. Who would have ever expected that?! Much like Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi where Mihir Virani’s death created quite a bit of chaos. Hence proved. TV serials can be riveting.

My question however is – why aren’t these channels encashing on the massive interest India has in international series – Right from Yes Minister, Mind Your Language –  to the recent plenty of Glee, Fringe, Castle at all. Get the drift?
It is rather painful to have to download entire seasons and watch it on the laptop or PC. If the money has to go to someone – dear TV channels – why to the illegal file-sharers?

When Jhinuk Sen is not procrastinating on Twitter, she is changing channels.
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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