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The right spot to go to!

The right spot to go to!
As a market which is generally favoured by expatriates and tourists for its easy availability of imported items, Khan Market has consistently been ranked as one of India’s most expensive places to shop. This would naturally seem to imply the exclusion of a regular college student from being able to shop here on a regular basis, but as I discovered recently, Khan is really not all that pricey if you know the right spots to go to! In the little nooks and crannies of its cobbled streets are nestled certain demure stores where a broke college student can pick up some fantastic deals on shoes and bags. Possibly my favourite of all these stores would be 61-A Khan Market, which is a little stand devoted entirely to shoes and presided over by the ever favourite Banwari Bhaiya.

 With the exception of heels, which this store unfortunately does not stock, you will find absolutely all of your footwear needs taken care of here. Prices range from 395 to about 800 at best, and they offer discounts on anything that isn’t in season – for example, these days ballet flats are being sold at much cheaper rates due to the unbearable heat, so if you’ve been craving that pair of cute formal black flats for a while, this is your chance to get them at a heavily reduced rate. Apart from shoes, I would recommend checking out jewellery in Khan Market, particularly if you have a more ethnic approach to style. There are several stalls which offer reasonable rates, such as the Haryana Handloom House, going up till about Rs 2500 at best for their more expensive necklaces. Ideally though, if you are truly looking for a wider range of ethnic jewellery, you should take a trip to Delhi Haat as well.

If you are absolutely not in the mood to be pushed around in the heat and dust of Sarojini Nagar in search of the perfect export surplus items, then Khan Market can provide a much more comfortable (and less authentic) experience of street shopping in India. So the next time you’re grabbing a bite to eat at any one of Khan’s famous restaurants, be sure to check out the stalls that line its roads- you might just get yourself the perfect deal!
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