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The Rainforest Challenge

The year 1997 saw the launch of one of the world’s most demanding 4x4 extreme off-road events in Malaysia, baptised as The Rainforest Challenge (RFC). Conceptualised and founded by Luis J.A.Wee, it follows the motto of the survival of the fittest, not only in terms of physical fitness but also mental endurance. RFC is an extremely tough challenge for all 4×4 fanatics who dream of taking on a jungle adventure with all its hardship, endurance and extremities; especially as its core philosophy requires for the event to be organized in the rainforests during monsoons. Struggled out intensely over 10 days in rugged and unforgiving terrain, the event showcases action, drama, camaraderie and heroism.

It takes competitors through mud, drenching rain, steep slippery slopes, deep ruts, gullies, flooded rivers, and landslides that are mercilessly demanding and dangerous. RFC has won accolades as the World’s Top Ten Toughest Motor Races (2013) and is a Top Ten winner in Malaysia’s Most Spectacular Sports Tourism Events (2003). It features in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the Biggest Gathering of 4x4 Vehicles (972) and Most Countries Represented in a 4X4 Event (27 nations).
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