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The Queens and Naveen

The Queens and Naveen

Modi said that people in Varanasi voted for his silence but people in these states voted against BJP leaders for breaking their silence. In most constituencies in these states, people were in favour of Mamata Banerjee (AITMC), J Jayalalithaa (AIDMK) and Navin Patnaik (BJD).
In West Bengal, AITMC secured 34 out of 42 seats, while Congress and BJP satisfied themselves with four and two seats respectively. In Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa came out with a thumping majority of 37 out of 39 seats. The BJP and Pattali Makkal Katchi got one each. In Odisha, Patnaik secured 20 out of 21 seats, while the BJP got one.
Soon after the results, Mamata said, ‘We thank the people and in the end it is people who has emerged as the Man of the Match. We will play a more constructive role in the country.’ She claimed her success came despite ‘malicious campaign’ launched by a section of the media against which the party fought single-handedly. ‘We are for harmony of all castes, religions and creeds. We are in favour of economic stability, financial stability and political stability,’ she said. While attacking the CPI (M) she said, ‘There was so much malicious campaign, but still CPI (M) has simply vanished from the market.’ Turn to PG10

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