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The power of Independence

The power of  Independence
While the country wakes up to yet another glorious year of Independence, it is perhaps time to set our mind free. From the day we learn to learn the world till the day we would breathe our last, we all are shackled in our world of thoughts and imagination. We are controlled by external factors that manipulate our inner self. How we think to what we do is a product of how our mind is reacting. To tame the mind is the game that one needs to master. So, let's begin.

The mind is the one who holds the remote control. Wake up, shake up and learn to control the mind. In the quest to achieve it all we often lose out on priceless moments. A small walk, a small talk, a good movie, browsing an old photo album, sipping black coffee or sometimes just doing nothing at all can mean a lot to the tiring soul. Tiniest of joy can yield happiest of memories.

Independence is having the ability to choose what one can do to be a bit happy in the otherwise cluttered life. A small window of light always does illuminate the dark. But are we not becoming prisoners of the virtual world?

Independence is the power to decide when to switch off from it all. The digital world never sleeps and unknowingly we let ourselves get busy in the virtual world of words and faces. The giggles around seem to get replaced by the LOL and ROFL! Do sit back to think how wonderful it is to look into the eyes and talk or simply hear the sound of the breath of the other. Real conversations are priceless, isn't it? Technology is gifting 'clouds' to preserve but is pushing us away to unknown zones of loneliness where all we have is the morbid screen to see and smile, the emoticons to express. Real emotions are perhaps dying a slow death. RIP is the word that we probably have to say to our soul soon if the mind doesn't wake up to the real world of reality today. Touch of the skin can never be equated by the touch of the keypad. Can it?

Let us live to live more. Laugh more. Love more. Independence is what we gift to our own self by breaking away from the stereotype that we set. The world will progress but a happy soul is the one that is independent enough to judge, decide and prioritise moments. Independence Day is everyday. Time to make everyday a better day than yesterday.
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