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The poetess of love and mystery

The poetess of love and mystery
Seven writers from across the globe. One book. Love and mystery, adventure and romance. And Haikus. You would expect Alka Narula to be a part of something like this. She has, after all, never walked the beaten path. Rousing Cadence bears testimony to that.

The book is proof of the power of technology and the reach of the internet. This is because without internet and blogging, it wouldn’t have been possible to connect with the authors who are spread all over the globe.

Even as a kid, the unusual always appealed to Alka. Growing up in Jammu, she would
concentrate more on sports than on textbooks. Later in life, this interior designer has done what her heart has desired — be it modelling or composing lyrics for an upcoming Bollywood movie.

In Rousing Cadence, Alka has tapped her inner self. ‘Like most creative people I am sensitive and emotional. I draw a lot of energy from animals and am a hardcore dog lover,’ she says.

And where does she draw her inspiration from? ‘I mostly draw inspiration from my surroundings, nature, day to day events, my true feelings for others, my thoughts and dreams that I pour out in the form of poetry,’ she says.

A post graduate in business studies, Alka started writing poetry when she was 12. ‘I started writing in Urdu because it was the state language in Jammu & Kashmir and I still have the diary where I penned my first few lines,’ she says.

Since her profession leaves her with little time during the day, Alka writes at night. ‘You only need
passion and drive,’ she says.   

Ask her about her favourite poets and she names Wordsworth, Omar Khayyam and Daag Dehlvi. ‘I feel some kind of connection with their work,’ she says.

Her advice to young poets? ‘Don’t write for the sake of writing. Feel each and every word before you pen it down,’ says the poetess.  
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