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The past through the lenses

The past through the lenses
Exhibit 320 in association with Tasveer and Vacheron Constantin brings the exhibition Institutions by Christopher Taylor. The show kicked off on 12 August displays photographs that explores the interiors of Imperial buildings in Mumbai and Kolkata.

Taylor’s eloquent depictions of some of the quintessential emblems of British rule, attempt to unravel the legacy of colonialism, considering its ambiguities and its impact on contemporary Indian society.His photographs were once described by the noted author and publisher Naveen Kishore as ‘Haunted by the then of a previous long-passed moment.’ His images explore notions of memory both real and conceived, considering the idea that the past can be revealed, understood and revisited through enduring symbols and emblems within the landscape.

Taylor’s extensive travel through Asia, (particularly India and China), has inspired his various photographic projects, exhibitions and books.

Rather than a documentation of a true past or history, Taylor’s photographs propose an intuitive connection with his subject, triggering a fictitious memory of an imagined past, inspired and informed by the artiste’s own fascination with history and literature, as well as the viewer’s residual memories.

His approach to image making avoids colour, with a focus on specific elements that expose the transformed faces of what are the last redoubts of Colonial rule, where age and dramatic historical changes have mellowed their initial glamour which resists being disregarded or forgotten.

When: On till 31 August
Where: Exhibit 320, F- 320 Lado Sarai (Monday to Saturday 10.30 am - 6.30 pm)
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