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The other laureate

At a time when the most powerful man on Earth and also the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize is sanctioning attacks in the name of having a more peaceful world all across the Arab world, one of its fiercest critics and a whistleblower who is exiled in Russia has been awarded with Sweden’s alternative Nobel prize, the Right Livelihood Award.

What does this suggest? It suggests that firstly that if there are murky clouds looming over the authenticity of the Nobel Peace Prize, they are sure to bring some predicaments. Secondly, with this award having been conferred on Edward Snowden, the message has indeed come out that the world if not in entirety still remains an inclusive place to stay where guardians of truth are still honoured and thirdly, to not give the much hyped credence that is usually attached when the Nobel Peace Prizes are indeed handed out.

Whistleblowers are as much an integral part of the world order as powerful politicians are and in certain instances their contributions cannot be even quantified. When Barack Obama, the current American president was handed out the Nobel peace in 2009, it was reported that the recipient himself felt bemused and had never expected such an honour to come his way. How could he have anyway? He was still to show the world how much the United States cared for the world.

It is absolutely another matter that by then it had ravaged Afghanistan completely, had and was still imploding Iraq and was yet to haunt the lives of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden who for a just world, in stark similarity to Obama’s ‘just war’, had taken the challenge to make the world’s most powerful nation, accept its follies.
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