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The night Delhi got Lucky

The night Delhi got Lucky
He has enthralled us with his voice for ages. So when Lucky Ali came down to the Capital to perform at Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday, Millennium Post caught up with him on music, movies and more. Here are excerpts:  

What pulled you towards music?

It was an integral part of my growing up days. I was cut out for it. I don’t have a careeer. Music for me is a hobby, a serious hobby, not work.

Belonging to a film family, was it easy to get a break in Bollywood?

Well, to a certain extent yes. It’s easy where you need to take a reference for someone, but later it’s sheer talent which can take you further. I focussed on the analytical part of my last name rather than on the useful part.

Why did you choose music over acting?

It was out of choice. Music for me is a way to communicate with your own genetic make up. Its dynamic nature always entices me. Music is music for me and can never be classified under any genre, name or classification.

With not such a successful stint in Bollywood, are you open to movies now?

I won’t agree to that, I have had a fair share of success at the box office. Post Kaante, I was not offered any novel, creative or meaty role. Bollywood is losing its essence gradually. My upcoming movie is titled Uparwala Hazir Ho which is under production.

After lending your voice to Hairat, we have not heard you much. Why?

I live far away from the industry now. I have started to detest Tinseltown and have shifted my focus on other philanthropic activities. Currently I am promoting and contributing to development of agro-farming lands. It really excites me. The focus is  to create and save agricultural from falling into the clutches of urbanisation and ruralisation. The idea is called Holistic living, to promote agro based living through agritechture.

Has pop music has lost its hold?

Who knows! The loss can be attributed to numerous causes. Though I hardly feel affected because I know my music has its takers and I have my fans irrespective of any changes.

What’s best and worst about Bollywood?

The best is the worst of bollywood and the worst is the best. Quite a intriguing state it is in. Kahi tiger nikalta hai to kahi joker.

You have been giving too many concerts off late. Why?

I have been performing at concerts for the past 15 years. For me it’s a unique medium to interact and increase the proximity with my listeners and fans.
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