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The magic called qawwali

The magic called qawwali
Qawwali, today, is an art form whose original identity is preserved within the domains of familial heritage that have been practicing this music form since centuries. Several thinkers have been on the view that where Qawwali and sufism prevail, it is not confined to limited section of the society. The teachings have successfully percolated down to all levels.

Manjari Chaturvedi a visionary, a pioneer of her dance Sufi Kathak has formed this academic interactive platform where in discussions about the art form and their practice in today’s times takes place using many interdisciplinary forms. She is a force and a name to reckon with and has blazed her own path with her work in last fifteen years on the sufi thought. With the establishment of the Foundation she has taken a leap further to support marginal artists and provides research opportunities to scholars and students under the banner of the Sufi Kathak Foundation.

This symposium seeks to discuss debate and understand Qawwali as a traditional art form of Indian sub-continent and further seeks to enlighten the masses about the same. The symposium is organized in continuation with the five year programme of Sufi Kathak Foundation, whereby each year a symposium will be organized to create interest and awareness about Qawwali and other related art forms based on Sufi thought belonging to the Indian sub-continent featuring experts, musicologists, film makers, students and traditional performers as a part of the panel discussion.

This year the symposium will focus on Qawwali, not just as a traditional art form but as a cultural symbol to represent the essence of ‘unity in diversity’ of India. The unifying aspect of Qawwali is part of the living history of our diverse culture, a cultural ideal emulated in practice. Several thinkers have been of the view that where Qawwali and Sufism prevail, it is not confined to a limited section of the society such as among the higher classes/ castes or among the saints for that matter. The teachings have successfully percolated down to all levels. Qawwali imbibes within itself, elements from all cultures, which have uniquely fused together to develop what is practiced as its present form. A universal appeal and blending elements of Indian classical music and Sufi traditions makes Qawwali unique. Qawwali has often served as a mechanism to promote communal harmony, and unity between the different communities in India.

WHEN: Lectures and films - 8 and 9 March, 2014-10:00 am to 5:00 pm; Performances: 8 March, 2014- 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
WHERE: For lectures and films - Multipurpose Hall, India International Centre, Lodhi Road; For Performance: Rose Garden, India International Centre, Lodhi Road
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