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The law finally catches up

Uttar Pradesh strongman and politician DP Yadav, who was convicted to killing former legislator Mahendra Singh Bhati, was sentenced to life imprisonment by a CBI court in Dehradun. The case once again brings back memories of the gangland politics that continues to surface in Western Uttar Pradesh. The state has probably spawned the highest number of gangsters, be it Mukhtra Ansar, Atiq Ahmed, Arunashankar Shukla and Madan Bhaiyya. In consonance with politics, crime has allowed leaders of dubious precedence to attain the privileges of political office.  Muscle power, allied with money and caste considerations have allowed waves of criminal politicians from the badlands of the Hindi heartland to make their way into politics. Yadav is representative of such a design.

Commentators argue that his political career got underway under current Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav during the latter’s Jan Morcha days in the 1980s. Reports suggest that Mulayam Singh was short of funds for the party, and Yadav chipped in with the money he made from the liquor trade, extortion rackets and sugar mills. So much so that he was elected as a MLA three times from Bulandshahr and made his way into Mulayam’s cabinet as Panchayati Raj minister. 

It would be, however, unfair to blame Mulayam, when the Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party have all given Yadav a platform in politics. This year, however, Yadav was found guilty of murdering Mahendra Singh Bhati, former MLA from Dadri in Ghaziabad, in 1992. It is now clear that the law has a way, albeit two-decades late, of catching up with criminals.
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