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The journey not forgotten

The journey not forgotten
The rich history of the Capital is going to come alive in the city. A theatrical journey into Delhi’s past will take you to the court of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and brings you the political intrigues that plagued his court. Being organised by Darwesh, the story centres the character of Roshanara Begum, the second daughter of Shah Jahan and one of the most powerful women in the 17 century.
This event is an ode to women in the city which will take you back in time when Shah Jahan was unable to rule his empire in Shahjahanabad (now Old Delhi) which led to a constant battle of power and principles between his sons and daughters. 

The story unfolds through dialogues between Shah Jahan’s daughters Jahanara and Roshanara. What makes this performance special is that it is set inside the tomb of Roshanara Begum also known as Baradari where Roshanara lay buried. The story is represented through the perspective of Roshanara Begum who followed her personal journey through her rise into power with the support of her brother Aurangzeb, her hatred towards her elder brother Dara Shikoh and her elder sister Jahanara Begum and eventually to her downfall.
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