The India connect

The India connect
While speaking to the participants of the Indian Diaspora of 24th Know India Programme organized by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, the Hon’ble Lt. Governor Tejendra Khanna in a lively interaction with the participants highlighted the core Indian values and ethos in respect of culture, religion, food habits etc.

He spoke of various stripe of colours that bond the Indian with different Bhasa (meaning language), Bhusa (meaning dress), Bhojan
(meaning food eating habits) and Bhajan (meaning worshipping God/religion. With so many diverse elements of all these, India is a unique country and a true democracy, the largest in the world. It may be perplexed but has been possible with very strong religious values prevalent in the society which makes every Indian motivated to keep connected religiously and spiritually uphelding the core Indian values.

Khanna said the people of Indian origin are truly privileged because of strong bonding with religion or
besides Arth (meaning person has to earn his livelihood ethically and honestly), Kam (meaning depicts fulfillment of desire in one life which also needs to be adhere with legitimacy and honestly) and lastly he explained the meaning of Moksha, while one is brining all the three i.e. Dharma, Arth, Kam in a value based ethical manner, then only one can hope to attend to spiritual fulfillment or Moksha.

Khanna also explained the importance of strong family bond and values in an individual’s life and dwelled at length explaining how to inculcate the family bonding with compassion, love and care towards each and every member of the family elders to the youngsters including children. He also highlighted one of the core Indian values that is respect for the women. He said that when the women in the society are respected the society thrives with stronger bondage.

After his explanation all the 29 Indian Diaspora participants out of which 18 were girls and 11 were boys who came from seven different countries felt extremely elated wiser and happy and expressed the same in many words of thanks to Hon’ble Lt. Governor and the Indian government for giving them such an opportunity to know India better.


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