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The heavens and beyond

The heavens and beyond
Lalit Kala Akademi presents Vignettes from the sky  a solo show  by artist Promila Arora’s whose works are inspired by the reflective surfaces for buildings, steely finishes and mirrors with the old balanced against the new. The exhibition starts from 27 November and will continue till 3 December at the Capital’s Rabindra Bhavan.

In her latest expose, after innumerable successful shows at prestigious galleries countrywide, artist Promila Arora, examines the theme of duality in an entirely new light in her upcoming exhibition Vignettes from the Sky.

Known for her explorations of the city-scape both metaphorically and physically, the artist has vivified the character of contrasting images with telltale finesse, juxtaposing visually unconnected aspects into a holistic logicality.

Choosing to explore the theme of being in two places at the same time, the artist narrates her feelings by exploring the city- scape reflected in mirrors and glass panes, or the open sky as seen through the upward gaze of an onlooker through the steely finish of a modern construct.

‘I was always attracted to architecture and started painting the interiors and exteriors of buildings and the wooden structures that held them together. Soon, I was drawn to elaborate majestic doors which seemed elaborate,’ says Promila Arora.

Elsewhere, the old-world Ionic columns of erstwhile colonial homes are balanced against the newest construction and the metro station further enhances the metaphor of the old against the new, in fascinating take.

True to her schooling under the aegis of the Rameshwar Broota School of Art, her work fashions man in all his taut muscular elegance, with rippling muscle tones.

Her women carry forth the message of duality through their perfect forms yet sporting a crown of uncombed locks, as if proclaiming their assertive will for independence and refusing to be straitlaced by conformity.

The meticulous strokes, the exactitude of her distortions and reflections, and the connectivity of fragments to express a holistic thought process, bring home the crux of her art with telling significance.

Their connectivity speaks of the perfect, but flawed into linear frames.  Her work therefore is a message with a deeply reflective philosophy, where the old and new are but metaphors essaying the universal truth – change is an inevitable fact of life.

 Another recurring metaphor is the new is juxtaposed against the traditional trying to straddle both worlds.

Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan, Copernicus Marg,  When: 27 November to 3 December

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